Monday, April 14, 2014

Royal Gardens

Photograhy by Maria Radionova from @marrrias

I'm wearing: Leather jacket (Topman), White Shirt (ZARA), Burgundy Pants (ZARA), Shoes (ALDO Shoes), Tie (ZARA

Yesterday was a day full of surprises. First of all, I saw my dear friend from Russia, Maria, whom I hadn't  seen for a long time. After an appointment in the middle of Paris, we walked but without anywhere to go and no idea of what to do.
And, suddenly came the idea to go to the Château de Versailles as it was only 30 min train from where we were. Half an hour later we arrived to that amazing place visited each year by millions of people. We took some photos of the inside of the castle, because I thought it would look pretty great in picture.
Then we went out into the garden. The gardens are super big and so gave us a huge choice of perfect places to shoot. And that's what we did, trying to mix fashion photography with nature and luxury. I was wearing my leather jacket because that day was pretty cold (only 51°), the white shirt fits with the tie that fits itself with the jacket.


Super journée hier. J'ai pu enfin revoir Maria, mon amie Russe, ça faisait déjà quelques semaines que l'on ne s'était pas vu. Nous nous sommes donné rendez-vous à la station Strasbourg Saint-Denis sans aucune idée en tête de ce que nous allions faire. Nous avons donc marché, et nous est venu l'idée d'aller au Château de Versailles. A seulement 30 min en train, l'endroit est rêvé pour faire des photos.
Une demi-heure plus tard nous arrivons donc au Château, et allons directement à l'intérieur pour faire quelques photos de la décoration qui est splendide.
Ensuite, nous avons pris un peu de temps pour nous promener dans le Parc, étendu gigantesque, on a bien sûr eu le choix de l'endroit où faire toutes nos photos. Le but était donc de mêler mode et "nature" dans la mesure ou le parc offrait de très belles palettes de couleurs qui faisaient ressortir ma tenue. Je porte ma veste en cuir Topman, assortie avec ma cravate et une simple chemise blanche. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Les Parisiens

Photography by Rosa from

I'm wearing: Burgundy Blazer (H&M), Polo With Prints On The Collar ( ZARA - Limited Edition), Printed Pants (ZARA - Limited Edition), Socks (ZARA), Big Sole Shoes (Dr Martens UK)

Last week I've been meeting Rosa, she is a French fashion blogger from Paris living in Munich, Germany, for a few months now. We talked for a long while and then when I learnt that she planned to come back to Paris for a couple of days we decided to meet. Is there anything better than when a fashion blogger meets an other fashion blogger? We felt like we'd already meet before and it was terrific ! We had a good time together. We even took some photos, those are below. Her style is very particular; I am sure that many girls would like it. That's why I invite you to show her blog to your girlfriend if you've one or simply to friends. Chic, classic... Parisian.
For the outfit I am wearing a new Zara ensemble composed of pants and a  polo with amazing prints. Those are limited editions; if you want to get them you've got to go as fast as you can to the nearest Zara, because I am pretty sure that they will soon be out of stock.

She is wearing: Black Jacket (Sheinside), Black Pants (H&M), White Heels (Mango - Old Collection), Quilted Bag (Yesstyle)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Floral Finishings

Photography by Marie Broyer from marieb_photography.

I'm wearing: Blazer (Forever21), White Shirt (ZARA), Pants (ZARA), Shoes (DrMartens), Floral Tie (Primark), Belt (Tommy Hilfigher), Volumizing Powder Texture (Indola)

It's a very transitional outfit perfect for the warmer weather we have in Paris now. Comfortable, classy, dapper, and for sure, fashionable. White shirts are common and simple. That's why it is better to try enhancing it by wearing a floral tie. The floral tie is up to date this year, for work or hanging out. The main idea was really to find a way to stand out from the cliché - that it is not easy to find how to wear a floral tie. I assure you that if you find the right outfit it will look much better than another tie. 
I got that blazer at Forever 21 in NY a year ago. It looked like the color was similar to my tie and I thought that maybe it could make a great combo. And it does! I choose to wear that tie clip because the colors on it were the same as on my pocket square and as the ones on my belt. Not to mention that the belt is also fitting with my DrMartens. 

I also wanted to talk a bit about my new haircut. So, my hair is simply put on the back. My hairdresser is pretty good - based in the Place de la Bastille, Paris (that was also our shooting location). He advised me to use a volumizing powder to fix my hair on the back without any problem. I wrote the brand of that powder in the description above. 

C'est un look a priori parfait pour le temps qu'il fait sur Paris depuis quelques jour - on se croirait presque en été. Confortable, classic, chic et à la mode. La chemise blanche étant un peu classique, j'ai essayé la démarquer en l'accordant avec une cravate à motif floral. Ce type de cravate est certes dur à porter - peut vite faire bling bling - met rend extrêmement bien si on trouve la tenue adéquate. 
Le blazer Forever 21 que je porte avait l'air d'avoir la même teinte que la cravate, j'ai donc pensé que ça pourrait faire un super "combo". C'est en effet le cas. La pince à cravate se marie parfaitement avec le mouchoir de poche et la ceinture qui comportent les mêmes couleurs. Sans oublier que la ceinture est elle même dans une teinte similaire aux chaussures. 

Je voulais aussi faire une petite récap sur mes cheveux. Je les mets tout simplement en arrière, ils sont coupés courts sur les côtés et derrière. Mon coiffeur est à Bastille (c'est aussi l'endroit où on a fait les photos). Il m'a conseillé de les faire tenir avec une poudre volumisante et ça marche incroyablement bien. C'est souvent le problème quand ils deviennent un peu long ils tiennent plus et on est tenté de tout couper. J'ai écrit dans la description le nom de la poudre ça ne devrait pas être dure de la trouver sur internet. 

My new Paul & Joe glasses.

Have an awesome day - Maxime

Saturday, March 8, 2014

London, United Kingdom

My Trip to London. 

So, here's the mega post I promised you about my trip to London. You'll discover 5 outfits and many photos of the city that I chose among the photos that I took. Under each outfits I wrote where I bought the items that I am wearing. All the photos of the outfits are by Claire, she is a friend, she accepted with pleasure to travel with me to London.  

I'm wearing: Coat (Zara), Blazer (from my collaboration with Tailor4less), Shirt (WhoAU), Pants (ZARA), Shoes (Aldo in Mr B'S collection), Bow tie (Primark UK), Glasses (ZeroUV)

That's what I was wearing when I arrived the first day.  

I'm wearing: Leather Jacket (Topman UK), Red and Black Shirt ( River Island), Black Jeans (H&M), Shoes (Dr Martens)

We were hanging out near Oxford Circus and decided to shoot at Carnaby Street. I fell in love with the shoes in the Dr Martens store - temptation was too strong. 

I'm wearing: Coat (Zara), Denim shirt (WhoAU), Pants (Zara), Shoes (Aldo from Mr B'S collection). 
The scarf is Claire's one, I need to ask her where she got it. 

We took those photos the 3rd day near Buckingham Palace. By the way, we were the happiest guys on earth when we saw that the Royal Banner was standing upon Buckingham Palace, which meant that the Queen (God save the Queen !) was here; maybe standing up behind a curtain or something. So close from her! Then, we continued our walk and passed through Green Park and Hyde Park. 

This is Notting Hill Station, I love this photo because it illustrates how each part of London is looking different from the others. The houses' colors are so typical, it made me feel like if I was in a movie. 

I'm wearing: Leather jacket (Topman UK), Blue Shirt with Black Collar (Forever21), Black Jeans (H&M), Shoes (Dr Martens), Floral Tie (Primark)

I simply love my shoes because they are so British! I realized that in the UK everybody had a paire of Dr Martens. 

When France meets UK !

I've been meeting me friend Leonie, she is a blogger at London Dress. So, she took some photos for her blog. It was really pleasant to talk with her. I hope I'll see her again very soon. I invite you to take a look at her blog that's very inspiring with outfits and street style from London. 

I'm wearing: Coat (Zara), Red and Black Shirt (River Island), T-shirt (H&M), Blue Jeans (Levi's), Shoes (Dr Martens)

Walking around Holborn Station with my friend James. He saw us much of the city, and helped us to get an idea of how everything is close in the center of London. 

Ps: Je suis désolé pour les lecteurs français ne parlant pas anglais, mais je n'ai pas eu beaucoup de temps pour préparer ce post. J'ai donc du choisir entre l'anglais et le français, la majorité des lecteurs étant d'origine anglophone il m'a semblé plus profitable de poster l'article en anglais. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas les prochains posts seront traduits ;) 

Have an awesome day - Maxime